Quatro Cravos was faced with limited space in the old "Adega Cravo" premises.

This limitation prevented the installation of more tanks and modern bottling lines, which led to the construction of the "Original Winery".

Adega Original" refers to the idea of something new, pure and authentic and represents the restart of a new, modern and genuinely bairradino business cycle. The winery's identity is centred on the concept of the word origin, which means the beginning, the root of things that exist, the starting point. The "Adega Original" logo depicts two circles where the origin is both the beginning and the end. The circles are shaped like the first letter of the word "Original" where the first represents the renewal of the vineyards in a cycle of four seasons, in a complete turn around the sun that intertwines with another circle, representing various elements in the world of wine such as the vat, the bottle, the glass or the tasting circle.

The "Cravo family" invested in the construction of the new "Adega Original" and the purchase of land to plant new vineyards on clay-limestone soils, to increase the winery's capacity to one million litres of wine, packaged in stainless steel vats and French oak barrels, marketed under the "Original" and "Tapada de Baixo" brands.


The «São Lourenço vineyard", located in São Lourenço do Bairro, extends over land planted with the white grape varieties Arinto and Bical, which flourish in clay-limestone soil, providing the unique and complex elegance and minerality of Bairrada's white wines.

The «Ucha vineyards» located in Amoreira da Gândara, at the entrance to the town of Ancas, constitute a mosaic of plots, interspersed with old and new vines, which produce the Bical, Arinto, Cercial and Maria-Gomes grape varieties.
original vinha 1

The «Moita vineyard" is planted on a gentle south-facing hill in the town of Troviscal at the southern end of the municipality of Oliveira do Bairro, on sedimentary soils, sprinkled with fine clays, with privileged sun exposure that favours the perfect ripening of the Baga grapes.

original vinha 2

The "Pocariça vineyard" with its vines planted in clay-limestone soil and privileged exposure to the sun, harmoniously combines the Baga and Touriga Nacional grape varieties in the reds, and the Bical and Arinto grape varieties in the whites, respecting the Bairrada region's controlled designation of origin (DOP).

original vinha 4

The Baga grape variety is the most representative traditional red variety and produces fruity red fruits and wines full of colour and very rich in tannins, which when ripe are highly capable of producing unique "Blanc de Noirs" sparkling wines.

The vineyards are harmoniously shared by the Baga, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Merlot, Bical and Arinto grape varieties, which respect the Bairrada region's controlled designation of origin (DOP).


After the soil, the sun is primarily responsible for the ripening of the grapes. The "Original" brand combines these elements to create original wines that express the complexity, concentration and elegance of wines from the Bairrada region.

With grapes grown in the best soils and harvested under ideal ripening conditions, wines with the "Original" label are produced.


The "Original Reserva" red wine is made from the Baga and Touriga Nacional grape varieties. It has an intense ruby colour, a robust character and a taste of ripe wild berries. On the palate, the tannins are revealed with a deep, refined finish.

The "Original Reserva" white wine is made from the Arinto grape variety. It has a citrus, mineral colour with hints of apricot and notes of toasted fruit from its ageing in wood. On the palate it reveals lively and balanced acidity.

ORIGINAL" Classic Method sparkling wines:

Original Super Reserva Brut ; Original Cuvée Brut ; Original Baga@Bairrada Brut ; Original Royal Brut .

They evolve from the fruity aromatic notes to the creamy mousse, nuts and toast of the Super Reserva, obtained by the complexity of the 36-month ageing in the bottle.

Winemaking processes:
Total destemming, gentle peneumatic pressing with alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature. Second fermentation in bottle according to the traditional method.

The wine "TAPADA DE BAIXO"was created to showcase attachment to the land and to generously appreciate the primary flavours. Produced from grapes harvested in the Adega Original vineyards, Tapada de Baixo is a light and fresh wine ideal for leisure time;  

Tapada de Baixo Red
Tapada de Baixo White
Tapada de Baixo Rose

The innovative and contemporary way in which we produce the whites, reds and rosés marketed under the TAPADA DE BAIXO brand, without ageing in wood, offers fresh, light and genuine wines.

These are wines that are positively challenging to taste. With lots of fruit and balanced acidity, they are easy to drink.




Tapada de Baixo White Brut

In sparkling wine, we combine the various white grape varieties from our vineyards to produce a vibrant, effervescent wine where the peach flavour stands out, accompanying the fine, delicate bubbles that burst with the pleasure of the citrus fruit aroma upon release.

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